Want To Retain More of Your Team Members?

Employee loyalty can sometimes feel like a lost art—an old-fashioned principle in the 21st Century. With employees changing jobs and people being more transient in general, it feels like the days of the “company man or woman” is gone. This feeling isn’t completely unfounded. The average tenure for an employee in recent years is around 4 years.

So what can you do about it?

How can you cultivate loyalty among your employees?

In How to Develop Loyalty at Your Organization, you’ll learn more about:

  • Showing loyalty
  • Championing team member growth
  • How to pick up on emotion
  • Building a culture of trust
  • How to be loyal while managing conflict & much more!

Coach Pat Summitt believed the single most common reason organizations self-destruct is “disloyalty.” She believed that in order for her team to be at their best and operate at elite levels of effectiveness, individuals within the system had to see each other as family. To that end, she introduced the concept of developing loyalty as an official principle of her famous Definite Dozen.

When asked about her championship teams, Pat once said, “If you want to demonstrate loyalty, the first thing you have to do is demonstrate it. Too many people use the term loyalty unilaterally. Especially bosses. They demand loyalty without reciprocating. They ask ‘Staff, have you been loyal to me?’ But what about the manager’s loyalty to the staff?”

The Definite Dozen and the Pat Summitt Online Leadership Program

Learn more about the Definite Dozen with the Pat Summitt Online Leadership Program. The Definite Dozen principles were Pat’s blueprint to success in leadership on and off the court. Organizations of all sizes can now learn from her championship-level wisdom when it comes to being a leader and a team player in the workplace.

Employees complete a series of 12-14 lessons guiding them through the Definite Dozen and growing their knowledge in leadership, responsibility, respect, motivation, communication and more.

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