Pat Summitt Definite
Dozen Leadership Kit

Championship Lessons for Success

Equipping high school teams to win on and off the court.

The Pat Summitt Definite Dozen Leadership Kit is a self-contained, easy-to-facilitate curriculum designed for high school coaches to inspire their teams using the dynamic championship wisdom and leadership lessons created by Coach of the Century, Pat Summitt.

Principles for Success

Based on Pat Summitt’s The Definite Dozen, this program walks your team through the same foundational principles Pat used to lead her team to 1,098 wins over the course of her career.

How It Works

The kit includes a 14-week, highly interactive program requiring only 20-minutes a week to help players and teams achieve their full potential. The program was created to be integrated into your existing team meetings and practices.

What’s Included


25 Student Athlete Playbooks containing age-specific, unique activities designed to encourage each player to independently think about what they are learning and how it relates to their personal life.


14 interactive online videos designed to supplement the playbooks and help guide discussions.


Coaching Guide to walk you through everything you need to facilitate the program.


25 Definite Dozen Stickers for the players to place where they will be consistent reminders of the principles for success.


2 Definite Dozen Posters for the team to proudly display in the locker room.


25 “Be A Competitor” Wristbands to remind the players to continue to push themselves, as competitors are made “each time you go beyond your perceived limit.”

Ready to take your team to the next level?

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