Pat Summitt Online
Leadership Program

Championship Lessons for Success

Looking for a personal leadership program based on time-tested principles?

Our Online Leadership Program harnesses the 12 “Definite Dozen” principles that were the foundation of Coach Summitt’s winning teams and applies them to leading in the workplace and achieving your own personal success.

 How it Works

Complete a series of 14 lessons introducing The Definite Dozen at your own pace, giving you practical steps and takeaway questions to help apply these principles in your own workplace.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to cultivate loyalty, encourage responsibility and respect among your team, how to think like a champion and make winning an attitude, how to handle change and more!

Each principle within The Definite Dozen is featured within its own module. Each module is comprised of content featuring lessons from various subject matter experts from the worlds of business and sports, Pat Summitt video and audio files, examples of proven success in leadership and interactive action items. 

Interactive quizzes throughout the program reinforce the concepts while the pre-and-post tests help benchmark overall progress. You’ll learn how to put valuable principles such as discipline, responsibility, accountability and the power of being a great communicator into effect in your own life.

How to get Started

Don’t wait another minute to become the leader you were destined to be! Purchase the Pat Summitt Online Leadership Program for only $249, and get started today on your own leadership journey.