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Candace Parker Picture

Candace Parker

Candace played for Coach Pat Summitt and won back-to-back national championships during her time at the University of Tennessee. Candace's honors include being a two-time Final Four MVP, Associated Press "Female Athlete of the Year," Naismith College Player of the Year, two John R. Wooden Awards, WNBA Champion, WNBA All-Star and Rookie of the Year, and a two-time ESPY Award Recipient.
Joan Cronan Picture

Joan Cronan

Joan Cronan worked with Coach Pat Summitt at the University of Tennessee, where Joan served as the Women's Athletics Director. Some of her many honors include the NCAA President's Pat Summitt Award, 3-Time SEC all Sports Award, Athletic Director of the Year, AOPI Citizen of the Year, Women's Economic Council "E" Award, and the US Sports Academy Sports Management Award.